Canola on show in wheatbelt

Jo FulwoodThe West Australian

Hybrid canola breeds with selective agronomic traits are now offering farmers greater flexibility within their total farming system.

The 44Y87 and 44Y88 Clearfield hybrids, showing a marked increase in plant biomass, were just two of the small trials on display at the DuPont Pioneer Canola Technology Showcase in Northam, providing a grain and graze option.

Also on display at the showcase were Triazine Tolerant, Roundup Ready and Clearfield canola hybrids for both the higher and lower rainfall regions, along with agronomic and stewardship demonstrations.

According to DuPont Pioneer agronomy manager Clint Rogers, Clearfield 44Y88 is a mid-season hybrid that has been bred with increased early biomass, providing a grain and graze option to growers in the higher rainfall areas.

He said this was just one of many tools growers could consider to optimise total farm profitability.

"44Y89 CL is the latest Clearfield hybrid we have released onto the market and it has a slightly earlier flowering window than previous hybrids," he said.

Speaking to growers and agronomy consultants, Mr Rogers said all canola products were bred with specific objectives in mind.

"Trials of this hybrid demonstrate greater yield results when compared with previous Clearfield releases, partly due to its plasticity under stressed conditions," he said.

"So far, 45T01 TT's oil content is equal to the highest TT canola on the market and displays segment leading early growth" he said.

Round Up Ready canola was also on display, and Mr Rogers said more than 30 per cent of WA farmers were adopting the technology.

"In fact, in WA's northern agricultural region that figure is almost 60 per cent, and that is compared with 22 per cent in the rest of the nation, " he said.

"Round Up Ready canola is a fantastic tool for getting on top of Group A and Group B chemical resistance."

Mr Rogers said the 44Y24 variety was proving to be a strong performer.

"NVT results show, on average, 44Y24 is the highest yielding variety despite not topping any particular NVT site. Obviously its consistency is its stand out feature," he said.

Mr Rogers said growers had the ability to both swath and direct head Pioneer hybrids due to their improved shatter tolerance.

"44Y26 RR is a big showy crop and less conducive to direct heading than our other hybrids. There is a lot more bulk and biomass in the 44Y26 RR," he said.

"The 45Y25 RR hybrid packs exceptional performance into an outstanding agronomic package, setting a new benchmark in the mid Roundup Ready segment.

"So while it ultimately matures at the same time as other mid maturity Roundup Ready hybrids, it performs over a wider range of environments and conditions."

Mr Rogers said Pioneer was working towards releasing hybrids with Sclerotinia stem rot resistance, but he would not give a timeframe on when this would be commercially available.

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