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Moora's 28th annual ram sale included both prime lamb sires and after an absence, Poll Merinos were back at the sale which was held last week.

Values were consistent with previous sales, and Landmark auctioneer Grant Lupton said there was good quality among the selections.

A total of 83 rams representing six breeds from seven vendors were offered, with 68 selling for an average price of $654.

Topping the sale was a Texel ram offered by Robert and Maria Wood, of Te Rakau stud, Bindi Bindi.

Landmark area manager Anthony Smyth was successful on the final $1000 bid on behalf of repeat buyers Lane Farming, of Wongan Hills.

The 72kg Texel ram had an eye muscle depth of 37mm and a loin width of 67mm.

Also buying off the top end of the Texels was Sonia Tipton, of Hyden, who secured her first pick for $925.

"I run a pure commercial Texel flock of 100 breeders and consider them very hardy sheep with excellent temperaments," she said.

"I selected on body conformation, teeth, and muscling."

The Woods were extremely pleased with the sale, which resulted in a total clearance of their sheep.

Earlier in the sale, Lockridge Senior High School's Kiara White Suffolk stud sold all 17 rams offered.

Elders Moora agent Darryn Browne bought the $950 top-priced on behalf of Boyagin Grazing, of Brookton, who were also volume buyers securing six rams for an average price of $608. "My clients are regular supporters of the school's flock rams," Mr Browne said.

The Keamy family, of Anro Border Leicester stud, Watheroo, offered 26 rams, selling 21 on the rail for an average price of $612.

Landmark Moora agent Craig Williams bought the $900 top-priced ram on behalf of Koobabbie Co, of Coorow, who were volume buyers securing eight rams for an average price of $653.

Mr Keamy said the passed-in rams all sold immediately after the auction.

New buyer Jakob Duschka, of Jannan Poll Dorset stud, Dandaragan, paid $800 for the top-priced Poll Dorset ram offered by Garry Wilson, of Willow Park stud, Byford.

Mr Duschka said he selected the ram for its frame and length.

The unregistered ram had March test figures of an eye muscle depth of 41mm and fat of 3mm.

Moora ram sale *

* Breed Offered Sold Top Price Average

White Suffolk * Kiara 17 17 $900 $719

Border Leicester * Anro 26 21 $900 $612

Poll Dorset * Willow Park 6 5 $800 $670

Texel * Te Rakau 20 20 $1000 $656

Suffolk * Pamellen 5 - - -

Poll Merino * Anro 4 3 $700 $617 Mardo Well 5 2 $600 $550 *TOTAL * 83 68 $1000 $654

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