Monitor a sound blockage detector


The newly released Wireless Blockage Monitor offers an insight into how technology continues to revolutionise agriculture.

Speaking to producers at the Mingenew Expo, FarmscanAG head of sales for WA and South Australia, Duncan Patten, said the monitor was the first wireless data network for the purpose.

It uses acoustic sensors to detect blockages anywhere within air seeding implements. Sound pulses are then converted into digital signals and transmitted wirelessly to an iPad mounted in the cab of the tractor.

An iPad app then displays a graphical representation of the system, instantly alerting the operator to any blocked run.

Mr Patten said that the Wireless Blockage Monitor, released in Australia in July, was trialled for seeding on two machines on the east coast and results were exceptional.

He said that it was compatible with all air-seeders and had a 35km directional range which would allow a farmer to monitor what the air-seeders were doing from an iPad in the ute.

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