Tractors masters of their domain


New Holland's new Workmaster tractors are dependable, basic workhorses that are simple to operate and affordable.

The 45 horsepower and 55hp Workmasters are powered by proven fuel-efficient, four-cylinder New Holland engines, which deliver quiet start-ups and smooth operations.

They are Tier III emissions compliant and can be operated with diesel or B5 biodiesel fuel.

The new Workmasters are built to work hard and last long.

The strong cast iron axles effortlessly handle the stress and strain of heavy loader work.

Its three-point hitch lift capacity allows for more than 1430kg on the Workmaster 55, meaning the tractor can manage bigger jobs.

For added traction and better performance in tough, slippery conditions, Workmasters have a front-wheel-drive axle option.

The units are simple and reliable with an 8x8 transmission and four constant mesh gears in two ranges, meaning Workmasters can provide speeds to match any task, whether mowing or loading.

A synchronised mechanical shuttle lever to the left of the steering wheel makes controlling the loader easy.

The comfortable, open operator station is designed for driver convenience.

It has plenty of leg room and with deluxe suspension, plus the seat is adjustable.

Controls are easily accessible and the bright and clear instrument gauges are easy to read.

The sloped hood and rounded fenders provide outstanding visibility, another plus for loader work, because the vertical exhaust directs noise, heat and fumes away from the operator.

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