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A new lupin variety tipped to provide increased yields and returns for WA farmers was released at the Liebe Group Field Day in Coorow last week.

PBA Gunyidi was the first lupin variety, bred by the Department of Agriculture and Food's (DAFWA) Bevan Buirchell, to be released nationally under the Pulse Breeding Australia (PBA) umbrella, funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Speaking at the field day, PBA chairman Mark Sweetingham said PBA Gunyidi provided an alternative to existing varieties Mandelup and Tanjil in all rainfall areas from Binnu to Esperance.

"The key characteristic of this variety is its excellent resistance to pod shatter at maturity, preventing yield loss at harvest, resulting in increased returns for the farmer," he said.

"In most lupin growing areas, PBA Gunyidi is yielding up to 7 per cent better than Mandelup and up to 19 per cent better than Tanjil."

PBA Gunyidi was bred using conventional techniques, from parental lines related to Tanjil. Its early flowing, early maturing and better performance on sandy soils make PBA Gunyidi similar to Tanjil.

Dr Sweetingham said PBA Gunyidi had similar disease resistance to brown spot, phomopsis stem blight and aphid colonisation as Mandelup, while anthracnose resistance was as good as Tanjil.

"It is also tolerant to the herbicide Metribuzin," he said.

Dr Sweetingham said the name PBA Gunyidi was an abbreviation of a longer Nyoongar word relating to a well south of Coorow. It is also an old railway siding between Coorow and Watheroo.

"It is fitting that the variety is released here in Coorow, where DAFWA has trials of PBA Gunyidi growing," he said.

Certified seed will be available for the 2012 growing season through Seednet, the licensee for the variety.

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