History repeats for Belmont Park principal

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For Belmont Park's Malcolm Edward it was a case of history repeated when his Poll Merino ram was sashed supreme champion at the Perth Royal Show on Sunday.

In the 1980s, one of his polled rams from Wagin was awarded the honour - the first time a Poll Merino had been named a supreme exhibit at the Royal Show.

This year's champion was all Belmont Park blood, Malcolm said, before paying tribute to consultant Courtney Sutherland who was in charge of the stud's mating program.

"Credit where credit's due - Courtney is very fond of this ram," he said, before also paying tribute to his son, Raymond Edward, who was the stockman at Belmont Park.

The ram had earlier been named the grand champion Poll Merino ram and, before that, as the champion strong wool Poll Merino ram.

The reserve grand champion Poll Merino ram was from the Bolt family's Claypans stud at Corrigin.

Judge Chris Clonan of the Alfoxton stud, Armidale, NSW, said he chose the strong wool ram as the grand champion.

"He has a lot of presence, is very proud and has good crimpy wool on him," he said.

The ram's wool measurements included 21.9 microns, a 99.3 comfort factor and 20.6 spin fine.

The grand champion Poll Merino ewe was from Wayne Button's Manunda stud at Tammin, with the Bolt family's Claypans entry in reserve.

The grand champion had earlier been sashed as the medium wool champion (over 18 months) and was described by judge Paul Meyer, of Mulloorie stud in Brinkworth, SA, as a pure, well-balanced ewe with well-nourished wool.

The grand champion ewe is by Coromandel 7 and out of a maiden ewe, Mr Button said.

Her measurements included 18.5 microns, a 99.5 CF and 17.7 SF.

The champion strong wool Poll Merino ewe was from Claypans with Manunda in reserve.

The champion medium wool Poll Merino ram was from Claypans with a Vinrose ram from the Higgins family in reserve.

The champion fine wool Poll Merino champion ram was also from Claypans and again a Vinrose entry was in reserve.

The champion fine wool Poll Merino ewe and her reserve were both from Manunda.

The champion superfine Poll Merino ram was from Heather and Russell Meaton's Rosedale Poll stud at Kojonup and their ewe from the same stud was judged the superfine Poll Merino champion.

In the open section, three studs stood out when it came to broad ribbon tallies in both Poll Merino and Merino events.

Eungai was awarded nine - two grand champions, four champion ribbons and three reserves.

Claypans was awarded seven - three champion ribbons and four reserves.

Manunda was awarded six broad ribbons - three champion and three reserve ribbons.

Merinos *

The grand champion Merino ram and his reserve both came from Eungai, as did the grand champion Merino ewe.

Both rams were by Peter and James McLagan's Juddy and the grand champion was described by judge Paul Meyer as having outstanding length.

"His staple length is great - a credit to the breeder," he said.

The medium wool grand champion's figures included 20.3 microns, a 99.9 CF and 19.1 SF.

The reserve grand champion had earlier won the strong wool championship.

The Eungai grand champion Merino ewe was also the medium wool champion. "She is a magnificent ewe with a terrific barrel and carrying very productive wool," judge Chris Clonan said.

Her measurements included 18.6 microns, a 99.9 CF and 17.4 SF.

A granddaughter of Sovereign 290, the ewe's family goes back to Victorian stud Wallaloo Park.

The reserve grand champion Merino ewe was the superfine champion ewe from the Meaton's Misty Hills stud at Kojonup.

The reserve champion medium wool Merino ewe was from Manunda.

The champion strong wool Merino ewe and her reserve were both from Eungai.

The champion fine wool Merino ewe was from Stuart Rintoul's Tilba Tilba stud, at Williams, with a Claypans ewe in reserve.

The superfine Merino ram and ewe champions were both from Misty Hills.

Autumn-shorn champions *

This was a remarkable event for Rob and Lee-Ann Mullan and family - their entries were awarded nine broad ribbons.

Their entries were sashed as grand champion and reserve grand champion Merino rams with many to follow.

The grand champion autumn-shorn ewe was a Poll Merino from Manunda with an Eastville Park ewe in reserve.

The grand champion was also judged as the junior champion - open to rams and ewes, Poll Merinos and Merinos.

"She deserves the title. She is a magnificent ewe, really well put together and has great length of staple. I could talk about her all day," Mr Clonan said.

Her medium wool measurements were 19.7 microns, 100 CF and 18.3 SF and she was by a $13,000 Manunda ram sold to San Mateo and out of a Haseley-blood ewe.

Of the grand champion ram - a Poll Merino Eastville Park entry - Mr Clonan said he had a great carcase and was a great polled ram.

The grand champion is a grandson of Coromandel 2. The other Eastville Park broad ribbons were for champion Merino ram (under 18 months), champion Merino ewe (under 18 months) and reserve champion ewe.

Reserve champion Merino ram 'under' was Quailerup West and reserve 'over' was Misty Hills.

The champion Merino ewe (over 18 months) was from Tilba Tilba.

The champion Poll Merino ram (under 18 months) was from Eastville Park, with the reserve from Ray Edmonds Rhamily stud at Calingiri. The champion Poll Merino ewe (over 18 months) was from Claypans with a Manunda entry in reserve.

Unhoused unrugged *

Only ewes were entered in this section and both champion and reserve entries were from Eungai.

Eungai also won the group of three ewes class in this section.

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