The season for blooming beauties

Danella BevisThe West Australian

How sweet it is - the exquisite fragrance of WA wildflowers in bloom.

Thanks to an abundance of well-timed rainfall, our native flora is looking pretty spectacular, too, with prolific flowering in many areas.

Some species not seen for several seasons are back to their best.

The State is home to more than 12,000 species of wildflowers and many of those grow in the Coral Coast region, with some of the best flora spotted between Cervantes, north to Kalbarri and east to Mullewa.

In hues of striking yellows and whites, everlastings adorn the red dirt around Coorow, forming a wild kaleidoscope of colours just waiting to be explored.

Although not as expansive as in previous years, the vast carpets are the perfect backdrop for picnics and games of chasey for siblings Hayley, 4, and Joel Meyer, 3.

Their mother Shannon said the pair found great enjoyment in the local wildflowers.

"They love going on bush walks and having a look at the flowers all the time," she said.

The wreath flower, a logic-defying plant which grows in circular formations, is a big crowd-puller for both Coorow and the small farming community of Pindar, about 30km east of Mullewa.

Pindar resident Barbara Thomas has lived in the area for 48 years and says this is "one of the better years".

The wreath flower is growing in profusion.

"It has a green sort of furry-type of leaf and on the outer perimeter has varying colours of pinks and creams and the larger ones can grow to about 50cm," she said.

For locals, wildflowers are a welcome addition to what, at times, can be a dry and barren landscape.

This could not be more true for Cath St Quintin, whose family hail from Anthill Farm - a property 43km north-east of Yuna renowned for its plethora of wildflowers, particularly verticordia.

"I think because we're surrounded by a lot of dirt and to see it just grow naturally - it's just beautiful," she said.

"It happens only once a year but it's just lovely to see after having very hot summers and not a lot of green around."

It is expected some wildflowers will bloom for longer than usual this year, right through until the end of October.

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