Muchea Livestock Centre.

Muchea Livestock Centre report, July 13

Main Image: Muchea Livestock Centre. Credit: Danella Bevis



Monday, July 13

Yarding: 1762

Change: -33

Muchea Livestock Centre yarded 1762 head of cattle, with numbers and quality static.

It was a strong sale on young pastoral cattle with increased competition from feeders and graziers causing a general rise of 10¢ to 30¢/kg on these types.

Young local cattle were mainly firm and there remains a general $1/kg differential between pastoral and local types.

Processing cattle experienced a slight correction with cows down 15¢, grown heifers easing 20¢ and prime heavy bulls back 5¢/kg.

Conversely, live export inquiry for bulls was stronger with light and medium weights up 15¢/kg.

In the weaner portion of the yarding the local weaner steers to feeders sold from 252¢ to 436¢, firm with the pastorals also firm at 168¢ to 340¢/kg.

The corresponding local heifers made from 226¢ to 360¢, to be firm with pastoral weaner heifers selling from 150¢ to 278¢, up 10¢/kg.

The pick yearling supplementary fed steers to the trade sold from 368¢ to 404¢ to be firm with the pastoral yearling steers from 260¢ to 316¢, up 30¢/kg.

Local yearling heifers made from 300¢ to 400¢, tops, supplementary fed types were down 10¢ with pastoral yearling heifers selling from 240¢ to 310¢, up 10¢/kg.

Local grown steers over 500kg sold at 330¢, to be firm with pastorals selling from 278¢ to 318¢/kg to be firm.

Local grown heifers made from 296¢ to 330¢, easing 20¢/kg.

In the cow market, again being mainly pastorals, the light and medium weights to feeders made from 164¢ to 250¢, down 20¢/kg.

The medium-weight score 2s to processors made from 200¢ to 256¢, down 15¢ and prime types to processors sold from 260¢ to 292¢, also down 15¢/kg.

Light bulls, including pastorals to live export made from 240¢ to 370¢, up 15¢/kg.

Medium weights to same sold from 270¢ to 348¢, up 15¢ on increased demand and heavy types to processors were down 5¢, making from 250¢ to 306¢/kg.


Bulloo Downs — Newman: three Shorthorn steers 541kg, ($2.94kg, $1591).

S & C Ward — Mingenew: eight Murray Grey cross steers 516kg, ($3.30kg, $1703), seven Murray Grey cross steers 433kg, ($3.66kg, $1585).

KP Glasfurd — Dandaragan: 11 Angus steers 362kg, ($4.04kg, $1463).

ML DA & So Avery — Nanurarra: 10 Santa cross heifers 396kg, $3.08kg, $1220), nine Santa cross cows 443kg, ($2.80kg, $1196).

Cooma Farming — Geraldton: four Murray Grey cows 557kg, ($2.95kg, $1643).

Sheep at the Muchea Livestock Centre.
Camera IconSheep at the Muchea Livestock Centre. Credit: Danella Bevis


Tuesday, July 14

Yarded: 3400

Change: +525

Lamb: 2500

Change: +125

Sheep: 900

Change: +400

Muchea Livestock Centre yarded 3400 sheep and lambs, up 525 head on Tuesday.

Again, it was a very light penning and the quality was very average.

The extra numbers were mainly mutton and it was fortunate that one major processor returned to the market today to prop that section up.

The general trend was a fall in lamb prices in keeping with Eastern States markets.

The airfreight types eased $10 to $15, trade and heavy lambs eased $20/head.

Ram lambs declined $30/head as did the old mature rams to processors.

Market toppers included heavy lambs at $196, heavy ram lambs at $171, heavy hoggets at $173, heavy wethers at $180 and heavy ewes at $178/head.

In the lamb section, particularly the airfreight types, the light 13kg to 16kg types sold from $70 to $124 to processors, down $10/head.

The 17 to 20kg range sold to processors made from $122 to $158, down $15/head, with both classes near 750¢/kg cwt.

In the tradeweight categories between 21 and 22kg, these sold from $150 to $170, down $20/head at 740¢/kg cwt.

Heavier types more than 23kg sold from $169 to $196, again down $20/head at near 720¢/kg cwt.

Ram lambs made from $140 to $171, down $30/head.

Wethers made from $70 to $122 with ewes at $80 to $120/head, firm on solid grazier support.

Best heavy hoggets to the trade sold from $155 to $173/head, firm on similar quality. The few best heavy wethers sold from $150 to $180/head, again firm.

In the ewe mutton market, medium weight boners to 24kg sold from $90 to $142, to be firm, the 25kg to 30kg range sold from $160 to $173 at near 520¢. Heavier types sold to $178/head at 510¢/kg cwt.

Heavy mature rams to processors made from $70 to $108/head.


CR & DJ Hebiton — Three Springs: 20 crossbred lambs ($196).

GS Wilson — Marradong: five Poll Dorset cross lambs ($170).

MJ & KW Evans — Beermullah: 33 crossbred lambs ($169).

JG & WV Fordham — Dandaragan: seven Merino ewe lambs ($166).

Vernlea Grazing — Coomberdale: 29 Merino ewes ($140).