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Wellard has renamed its WA wheatbelt farming operations from Wellard Agri Ltd to Giovi Ltd, as part of a corporate reorganisation to prepare the company's flagship trading division for a possible change in capital structure.

The name change reflects the current and future ownership structure of Giovi, which will remain under the 100 per cent ownership of the Balzarini family.

The name Giovi and its logo were chosen to honour the Italian heritage and long-time farming history of Mauro and Giovanna Balzarini.

Giovi has both mixed farming and 100 per cent cropping properties at Dongara, Watheroo and Kojonup, providing the family company with geographic and commodity diversity.

Its genetics division includes the Hyfield Poll Merino stud at Kojonup, The Grange Afrino and Western Cleanskin sheep stud at Dongara and the newly established The Grange Charolais cattle stud.

Giovi co-principal Mauro Balzarini said Giovi had been separated from Wellard because it would remain 100 per cent Balzarini family-owned, while Wellard and its exporting, processing and shipping divisions may adopt a different capital structure in the future to continue its growth and expansion.

"Giovi is the nickname Giovanna's mother used to call my wife with and this is where the name is derived from; it carries a lot of family values to us," he said.

"Farming has always been a large part of both our lives and we are very passionate about it. It requires a lot of passion and patience and love for the land and its products; these have been the drivers for our participation in agriculture even though agriculture remains a very sound investment.

"We're proud to be continuing on our family farming tradition.

"The management team and our farm workers, who have grown Giovi into the farming operation that it is today must be acknowledged for their hard work, intelligent approach and dedication.

"I look forward to continuing to spend weekends and the odd holiday on the farms so my own children retain the same relationship with farming that I value so much."

Giovi managing director Tim Macnamara, who will continue to manage the farming business, said apart from changing some logos and business cards, the impact on the Giovi business for most people would be very limited.

"Our farming operation will change in name only.

"We will continue to supply quality grain, sheep and cattle to numerous buyers and Hyfield Poll Merino rams and The Grange Afrino rams to our clients," he said.

A new board will be appointed and chaired by Giovanna Balzarini to oversee Giovi's business strategy.

"I have always been involved in cattle and meat through my family business in Italy but that lapsed when I decided to accompany Mauro to Australia and raise a family," Mrs Balzarini said.

"It is rewarding to be back at work after spending the last 10 years looking after my young children.

"Giovi is a fantastic platform with a terrific team so I look forward to working with Tim and his colleagues to further develop our farms and expand.

"We have great ideas to introduce genetics and techniques that we have used in Italy to produce one of the finest cuisines on the world. We hope to replicate the same quality and taste here in Australia in the coming years."

Wellard is a world leader in the production and distribution of livestock and grain.

Its two largest subsidiaries are Wellard Rural Exports, Australia's largest livestock exporter and ship owner, and Wellard Agri (now Giovi), a large mixed farming land owner and operator specialising in the production of grains, legumes and livestock.

Wellard Rural Exports has supplied quality dairy and beef cattle, and sheep and goats to the world for more than 30 years and its investment in the live export industry is without peer.

Based in Fremantle, the company's operations cover every aspect of the export chain, including feed milling, livestock aggregation, road transport, feedlot facilities throughout Australia and modern shipping.

The company's flagship carrier, the MV Ocean Drover (formerly the MV Becrux), is a purpose-built livestock carrier capable of carrying 75,000 sheep or 18,000 cattle to major markets around the globe.

Ocean Drover was commissioned in 2002.

Two, technologically advanced, purpose-built vessels, the MV Ocean Swagman and the MV Ocean Outback, were launched in 2010.

They can transport 7000 cattle, 25,000 sheep, or a combination of both.

Wellard's abattoir, Beaufort River Meats, processes up to 2500 sheep and lambs a day, enabling Wellard to meet customer demand for both livestock and chilled and frozen meat.

Visit www.wellard.com.au .


·Giovi owns and operates 11 farms covering 35,700 hectares across three principal agri-hubs.

·The two northern hubs are located at Dongara and Watheroo in Western Australia's central midlands and one is located at Kojonup in the Great Southern region of WA.

·The Dongara hub is home to The Grange, a 14,500ha property which is considered one of Western Australia's blue chip farming properties.

·Giovi's genetics business operates three sheep studs and one cattle stud.

·The Hyfield Poll Merino stud is based at Kojonup, while The Grange Afrino Stud, Western Cleanskin stud and Charolais stud are based at The Grange, Dongara.

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