Sprayer for farmers on the go


Customer demand for a durable, self-propelled sprayer with adjustable wheel track width has spurred GoldAcres to develop a new version of its popular Crop Cruiser Evolution range.

The on-the-go wheel track adjustment system allows Crop Cruiser operators to move between different crops and cropping systems adjusting wheel track width effortlessly.

Croppers or contractors can widen the wheel tracks to suit 3m centre-controlled traffic programs before bringing the track width in to 2m for other applications.

GoldAcres engineering manager Roger Richards said the development was a result of customer feedback, particularly from mixed croppers and contractors in northern New South Wales and Queensland.

"Cotton growers need the wheel track width set at narrow 2m spacings, while cereal cropping programs are generally looking for 3m wheel track centres," he said.

"The technology allows operators to set wheel track widths at the press of a button without leaving the cabin.

"The system is hydraulically controlled and functions as the sprayer is travelling, working seamlessly with the Crop Cruiser Evolution's air bag suspension and enclosed double reduction chain drive system.

"There's no loss of operating power and operators require as little as 50m for a full track width change to occur on the go."

Fitted as an option on 2WD, two-wheel steer Crop Cruiser Evolution models, the extendable wheel track system does not interfere with the Crop Cruiser's turning circle. Available tyres sizes are 13.6R48 or 14.9R46.

Mr Richards said the adjustable track width would be welcomed by both farmers and contractors seeking an Australian built machine that has durability and precision performance.

"GoldAcres' Crop Cruiser Evolutions have been in strong demand on the back of their reliability," he said.

"They are a heavy duty construction but have a competitive tare weight that offers a long service life, whether used by contractors or farmers.

"Complementing the durability is the new Euro-style cabin, which delivers day-long operator comfort for extended shifts and is fitted with the latest sprayer control technology."

The extendable wheel track Crop Cruiser Evolution retains all other features of the range, including a 3500 litre main tank and GoldAcre's TriTech boom system, which delivers increased boom stability and yaw control.

The TriTech boom is available to 36 metres and has ultimate strength and durability with unmatched stability for precision spray application.

The TriTech's three-way suspension dampens pitch, roll and yaw forces and the boom can be fitted with options including Ultraglide, Rapidfire and Rapidflow to further improve spraying efficiency.

"We've managed to retain all the features the Crop Cruiser Evolution mechanical drive system offers and combine it with the flexibility operators and contractors have been calling for in an extendable track width package," Mr Richards said.

"The Crop Cruiser delivers a powerful, stable and comfortable platform to ensure spray application programs are carried out with high level efficiency."

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