Breaking speed and accuracy records

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Breaking speed and accuracy records
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John Deere is breaking the planting speed and accuracy barriers of traditional row-crop planting with the introduction of a revolutionary new seed delivery system.

The John Deere ExactEmerge row unit, released in the US recently, incorporates new technology which gives corn and soybean producers the ability to plant at speeds up to 16km/h while maintaining superior seed placement.

The exclusive seed-delivery system cradles the seed from the meter down to the seed trench, maintaining optimal seed spacing in varying field conditions.

The new system ensures superior seed placement at faster planting speeds and offers a 10 per cent improvement in seed spacing at traditional speeds.

According to US John Deere seeding group product specialist Kelby Krueger, the ExactEmerge row units are a perfect fit for producers who want to plant more acres in less time due to narrow planting windows, or to increase the size of their operations without adding equipment.

"We know that accurate, timely planting pays off in improved stands and higher yields at harvest," he said.

"Now row-crop producers will have the ability to place seeds at higher operating speeds, with even greater accuracy in the field.

"They will be able to optimise their seed investment, reduce operational costs and generally increase productivity.

"This exciting new high-performance system is the most productive planting solution we've ever offered."

ExactEmerge features a new, rigid bowl-shaped meter and brush-style doubles eliminator that requires no adjustment.

It is designed to provide a smooth, crisp seed handoff to the industry-exclusive brush belt which replaces the seed tube.

ExactEmerge units handle all seed shapes and sizes, achieving 99 per cent singulation with no mechanical adjustments, even over terrain with slopes up to 15 degrees.

"Another important feature is that our new brush belt does not have to be synchronised with finite meter speeds," Mr Krueger said.

"The systems are completely independent of each other, allowing the meter to turn at the right speed for the desired seed population, while the delivery system exactly matches ground speed," he said.

"This careful controlling of each seed from the meter to the trench and then releasing it at the correct rearward velocity allows the gentle placement of each seed in the trench without the normal bounce and roll that would otherwise happen at the higher speeds.

"We can do this with both corn and even with high-rate soybeans, and because we never let go of the seed until each one is in the trench we've drastically reduced the ill effects of rougher planting conditions."

This new design also eliminates the long gravity drop and retains the seeds in the brush providing high-quality spacing when stopping the planter in the field.

The combination of seeds retained in the brush and a new Fast Start feature eliminates skips in the field when growers start planting from a stop.

Two 56-volt electric motors per row unit rotate the meter and brush belt independently to achieve the desired seed population with speed matching delivery.

The new electric motors are brushless, maintenance-free and engineered to last the life of the average planter.

"The ExactEmerge technology also delivers the seed with consistent depth accuracy, so the seeds are placed in the bottom of the trench, before closing," Mr Krueger said.

"Active pneumatic downforce means all row units maintain the required ground contact, even at higher speeds.

"The operator easily sets the downforce pressure and the brush belt delivery system delivers the seed accurately to the bottom of the trench at the desired depth."

ExactEmerge row units are compatible with 1775NT and 1795 model planters, with central commodity systems in 15-inch, 20-inch, and 30-inch row spacings for corn and soybeans.

All planter control and monitoring is made easy with the enhanced SeedStar 3 HP system that provides fingertip control of different planting functions and access to all planting data.

In addition, ExactEmerge customers have access to John Deere FarmSight services and data through

"For traditional planter customers, John Deere is also introducing an entirely new line of MaxEmerge row units - the MaxEmerge 5," Mr Krueger said.

"These row units combine the best features of the existing MaxEmerge XP and Pro-Series XP units, which they replace.

"The MaxEmerge 5 features one common vacuum meter and provides the utmost in performance, uptime and cost of operation, and it offers the greatest versatility to customers needing a variety of different configurations."

These new row units are available across the whole planter product line which consists of CCS configurations with mini-hoppers or non-CCS configurations with standard seed hoppers.

Both configurations come with new insecticide and herbicide delivery capabilities, with pro-shaft drive meters or central insecticide system for liquid application.

"The MaxEmerge 5 uses a new common meter design for John Deere planter row units, giving customers 99 per cent seed singulation and improved accuracy in seed population and depth control," Mr Krueger said.

"These field-proven units have double eliminator adjustments, three times longer-life gauge wheel arms, and easy-to-adjust downforce capabilities for more uniform seed depth control, regardless of field conditions."

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