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Efficiency and efficacy are the sweet spot for pesticide applications.

Thanks to advanced spray technology from Case IH, those goals are more achievable.

Case IH product manager for Patriot sprayers Pete McCann is keen to remind farmers of this as they look to protect their winter crops.

"Any herbicide, fungicide or insecticide won't perform up to your expectations if underapplied or applied at an improper droplet size," he said.

"Overapplication wastes money, risks crop injury and is poor stewardship.

"Those scenarios occur more often than you think. Even when properly calibrated to the right spray pressure and ground speed, variables across the field - such as rolling terrain, contours or obstacles - can affect application consistency."

The AIM Command spray system available on Case IH Patriot series sprayers can level the application inconsistencies that result in uneven pesticide performance.

The AIM Command spray system holds constant pressure independent of ground speed.

"It helps your Patriot sprayer consistently put out an optimal droplet size and accurate rates over a wide speed range," Mr McCann said.

"The instant-control flow rate automatically adjusts the pulse width via a solenoid at the nozzle body for a constant application rate at a constant pressure as sprayer speed and field conditions change."

Independent pressure control maintains constant spray pressure at the boom. The system's computer uses the sprayer's product pump to control pressure independent of application rate and ground speed.

"Constant pressure lets you choose the speed that fits the field or conditions," Mr McCann said.

"This may lead to an increase in average field speed of up to 4.5km/h or more. With independent control of the speed, pressure and flow, AIM Command increases the sprayer's production potential and reduces the cost per hectare of running your Patriot sprayer."

A constant application rate over an 8:1 speed range means better coverage on every hectare.

The AIM Command spray system uses pulse width modulation to control the flow at each nozzle section.

When a boom section is commanded to be off, the flow stops instantaneously, reducing overapplication. When commanded to be on, the flow starts immediately with the correct rate and pressure for better coverage and efficacy.

Three switches in the Patriot sprayer command centre put application control at the user's fingertips.

Toggle between two preset spray pressures for on-the-go drift control as wind and weather conditions change.

"If you frequently spray irregularly shaped fields or on the contour, or if you simply want greater accuracy, AIM Command PRO is your best option," Mr McCann said.

This system's advancements include turn compensation, which allows for different parts of the boom travelling at different speeds by adjusting each nozzle.

Individual nozzle swath overlap control automatically turns on or off if it passes over a previously sprayed area. This minimises skips, overspray and overlaps.

It is a great option for irregularly shaped fields or fields with point rows.

"Although lower grain prices and slow-to-adjust input costs have helped many farmers focus on finding absolute efficiency, achieving an optimal spray pattern always is a good idea," Mr McCann said.

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