Kids hail summer storm

Trin SucklingThe West Australian

Freak hailstorms left a ghostly phenomenon on the Suckling family's West Ogilvie property, Mumby, as summer storms lashed the Midwest this week.

A thick mist rising off freshly fallen hail created an eerie fog across the property's sand plain.

The Suckling children, returning from their first day of school, delighted in the fog before it lifted to reveal a layer of white hail spanning across the paddock.

Avid watchers of the Disney movie Frozen, the children quickly explained the occurrence as a visit from Elsa the Snow Queen.

Bureau of Meteorology officer Neil Bennett offered a more scientific explanation for the unusual occurrence.

"The mist is caused by the air being cooled by the melting hail," he said.

"The air cools to its dew point - the temperature at which condensation occurs - and hence the water vapour in the atmosphere condenses into water drops, which is the mist," he said.

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