Trucker backs Grain Express

Haidee VandenbergheCountryman

Grain Express is a winner for grain carters, according to the general manager of Esperance-based OD Transport Peter Holdman.

Mr Holdman said it had improved efficiency and allowed carters the confidence to invest in newer trucks and equipment.

“You’ve got all your trucks running in the same direction and you can load lime or fertiliser on the way out without compromising the (grain) contract because you can cart grain back in,” he said.

“At the moment we only talk to CBH regarding grain and then they talk to marketers.

“From our point of view, it’s easier to talk to one body.

“If they’re talking to marketers and then we have to talk to other marketers as well it’s messy.”

Mr Holdman fears that without Grain Express’ monopoly and the security of its grain cartage contracts, transporters will have to tender for every job.

“There’s no security for truck owners then,” he said.

“Now they know they’ve got a contract to back them up, but without that contract they probably wouldn’t be able to get finance.

“We’ve got 23 trucks in our fleet, that’s 23 families plus an office and its staff that depend on those contracts.”

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