My Wheels: Justin Bell

Olga de MoellerThe West Australian
Picture: Justin Benson-Cooper
Camera IconPicture: Justin Benson-Cooper Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/The West Australian

Pinchos owner-chef Justin Bell is getting around in his trusty Golf as he counts down the days till he can throw open the doors of his little Spanish corner in Leederville, which he has shut with a heavy heart until life gets back to normal — and it will.

What are you driving and why did you buy it?

I drive a 2008 Golf GTI I bought from my mate Geoff Hayward (Brisbane Hotel/Luxe Bar) who was my partner back in the days of Monza Pasta & Risotto. Geoff, being Geoff, ticked all the boxes when he bought the car new so it came with everything and still drives great today. It’s perfect for zipping around the city. Love it.

What was your first car?

My first car was an orange Hillman Hunter my dad gave to me after winning it playing poker one night. True story. It was solid and lasted forever and I passed it on to a mate one day before leaving the UK to travel.

What’s your Dream Car?

I don’t really have one because, being a chef, I’d feel like a bit of a d... driving a really flash car, though James Bond’s classic Aston Martins look the bomb. My wife and I also have a Subaru Levorg, which is perfect, sporty and fun while still low-key. So that’s my go-to motor when she’s not using it.

What annoys you most about other motorists?

The ones that sit in the middle or fast lane doing slow speeds. Move over, pal!

What’s your favourite driving music?

When driving, I listen to Drake, Stormzy and 80s old-school hip-hop that I grew up with. Also, bands such as The Stone Roses, Radiohead, Massive Attack and The Chemical Brothers.

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