Rogue MP Bernie Finn facing expulsion from the Liberal Party

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Controversial MP Bernie Finn is facing expulsion from the Liberal Party in Victoria, just days out from the federal election.

A motion will be moved in a partyroom meeting on Tuesday to expel Mr Finn from the Liberals after he resigned as the opposition whip last week.

If the motion is passed, Mr Finn would still be a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, but he would have to sit on the crossbench in the upper house.

It comes after the outspoken MP’s latest controversy, where he posted anti-abortion comments on social media.

After a draft opinion from the US Supreme Court was leaked stating that Roe v Wade, which makes abortion a constitutional right in the country, might be overturned, Mr Finn shared his excitement on Facebook.

“So excited the US is on the verge of a major breakthrough to civilization,” he posted on May 4.

“Praying it will come here soon.

“Killing babies is criminal.”

Bernie Finn expresses his views on abortion rights.
Camera IconBernie Finn expresses his views on abortion rights. Credit: Supplied

In response to a commenter who suggested abortion should be an option in cases like sexual assault, Mr Finn said: “Babies should not be killed for the crime of his or her parent”.

Bernie Finn in response to someone over the use of abortion in sexual assault cases.
Camera IconBernie Finn in response to someone over the use of abortion in sexual assault cases. Credit: Supplied

Victorian Liberal leader Matthew Guy said in a statement on Monday the party had been left with “no other option”.

“A continued lack of discipline and repeated actions detrimental to the party’s ability to stand up for the interests of Victorians has left no other option but to consider Mr Finn’s eligibility to represent the Liberal Party,” he said.

Mr Finn also posted “without free speech, there is nothing” after the news broke on Monday.

Just days after the posts were originally made, Mr Guy insinuated that Mr Finn’s place in the party could be in jeopardy over his comments and social media use.

“I think we’re all sick of Bernie Finn’s social media posts … I think the parliamentary Liberal party is absolutely sick of it,” Mr Guy said.

“If someone can’t keep within those rules and wants to act as an independent, then you should ask him if he wants to do that as an independent or member of the parliamentary Liberal party.

“Our pre-selections will open in a couple of weeks, he can answer himself to the party rank and file about conduct of being a part of a team.

“If one of us wants to go out and sit at home and make social media posts all day which are infuriating to the rest of us, I think you can tell that we’ve had enough of it and we have.”

Premier Daniel Andrews also expressed his disapproval with Mr Finn’s comments last week.

“A lot of Victorian women are sick and tired of listening to blokes tell them what they should be doing with their bodies,” Mr Andrews said.

“These matters are between a woman and her doctor, as they should be. People are entitled to have a different view. How they express that view, they can be judged for that.”

Mr Finn said last week, following his resignation as the opposition whip, said he felt “a degree of disloyalty” from the Liberals and revealed he had not spoken to Mr Guy in months.

He also said he wanted to remain a part of the party.

It is not the first time Mr Finn has caused controversy over his social media use; last year he made a post comparing Mr Andrews to Adolf Hitler, spoke to the anti-lockdown Reignite Democracy Australia Facebook group and made pro-Trump comments following the US capitol riots.

Originally published as Rogue MP Bernie Finn facing expulsion from the Liberal Party

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