Chaser bin performance lauded

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Harrismith farmer Lachlan White from Nepowie first used his new 31-tonne J&M chaser bin last harvest and is very happy with its performance.

Mr White towed the chaser bin behind a CAT track machine last year and found the single auger and fast unload two of the big benefits with the US-built chaser.

Now imported into WA by Adam Hutton of Total Precision based in Fremantle, the J&M range of chaser bins has some impressive features new owners are pleased with, making harvesting just that bit easier.

With only one auger, there are less moving parts and better unload vision.

"We don't need to run the chaser flat out. We have the bottom door partially closed and the PTO at low revs," Mr White said.

"The auger is smooth and silent. It can fully unload the bin to the last half-bag, which takes away unnecessary dry running of the auger and makes cleaning very easy when changing grain types."

Mr White said that he found the single axle chaser to have good manners when towed under load, being well balanced and with little drawbar weight.

Craig Doney of Harrismith also took delivery of a J&M chaser bin last season and has found it very good to use.

"The no-cross-auger and weigh scales were fantastic, we had accurate weigh loads in the paddock and on transport to the bin," he said.

"It also made calibrating the header easy. The single auger was excellent for clean-out between grains, and the adjustable unload spout made it very easy to operate. We run the bottom door half-open and the tractor at idle and it empties fast. When it is empty you can't hear the dry running auger at all."

Total Precision's next shipment from the US is due in late July for field days, with another shipment arriving shortly afterwards.

Both 24-tonne and 31-tonne bins are available for delivery this upcoming harvest.

J&M chaser bins will be on display at the field days this year including in Dowerin.

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