Invention makes best use of moderate winds

Kate PollardCountryman

George Jakovich's mobile windmill attracted plenty of attention during the Newdegate Machinery Field Days.

So much so, the judges awarded his governed rotary windmill MK2013 with the Farm Inventor Award.

Mr Jakovich started making rotary heads 20 years ago and came up with the idea of a governed head seven years ago.

With 16 vertical curved blades, they can change angle in unison according to the amount of wind force.

When the wind increases, the blades swing outwards to catch less and when it decreases, they swing back towards the centre to catch more wind.

Mr Jakovich said his design is different to windmills because of its simplicity of construction.

"The diaphragm pumps are indestructible, the head is different to fan windmills and it doesn't have any gearboxes or gears," he said.

"It might take a bit more to manufacture the head, but most of the components can be handmade in a farmer's workshop instead of having to get expensive castings made for a gearbox."

Besides making the best use of moderate winds, the governed head means it's protected from damage in strong winds, is low to maintain, and uses a simple brake to stop rotation. It's the perfect setup for pumping from dams, shallow bores or wells which can maintain a water level 8m from the surface.

Mr Jakovich said he was chuffed to win the award and would like to see more farmers getting involved by coming up and manufacturing their ideas.

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