The happy couple, Hope Subritzky and Shaun Madgen after the proposal in Corrigin.

A country love story — Corrigin truckie proposes with last load of hay

Main Image: The happy couple, Hope Subritzky and Shaun Madgen after the proposal in Corrigin.

Shannon VerhagenCountryman

In a country WA love story for the ages, a Wheatbelt truckie has gone “outside the square” to surprise his bride-to-be with a proposal to remember.

When Corrigin truckie Shaun Madgen parked up for a while at the depot by his home yesterday afternoon, his partner Hope Subritzky wondered why he was taking so long to wash the truck.

Little did she know, Mr Madgen was not washing the truck at all.

With a bottle of spray paint in hand and his last last load of hay on the trailers, he was busy creating a memory that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

“I was inside with our toddler and he said, ‘can you help me outside,’” Ms Subritzky said.

I walked out and he was down on one knee with the truck in the background.

Hope Subritzky

Four words were emblazoned on the bales — “Hope U Marry Me”.

Her answer, “yes”.

“There were tears and tears,” Ms Subritzky said. “I haven’t stopped smiling.”

“I just thought he was taking a really long time to wash the truck,” she laughed.

A very country proposal out in Corrigin.
Camera IconA very country proposal out in Corrigin.

The couple have been together for seven years and are doting parents to Skye, 4, and Maisie, 2, who are very excited to be flower girls, Ms Subritzky said.

It had been in the works for a while, Mr Madgen, who runs Madgen Transport, said.

“You’ve got to do something outside of the square,” he said.

I’d planned it for a while and we were carting hay and it had rained so we’d stopped and that was my last load of hay, so I thought, ‘I better do it now.’

Shaun Madgen

“So I went to the shop and got the spray can and parked up on the wrong side of the house so Hope couldn’t see and spent about half an hour climbing up and down the forklift by myself.”

“He never does anything by halves,” Ms Subritzky laughed.

When all was said an done, Mr Madgen then had to get on the road to drop the load to Balco in Brookton, where the staff got a good kick out of seeing him pull up with the unique trailer load.

As for the wedding, they have not made any plans just yet, but Ms Subritzky said it would most definitely be a country affair and the trucks were sure to be involved.