Gibson beauty transforms harsh climate


Among Open Gardens' most remote section, these two Gibson beauties north of Esperance showcase what can be achieved in a harsh climate.


Caroline and Frank Scott's garden is a peaceful, relaxing and comfortable place to be.

Island beds filled with colourful hardy succulents and bottlebrush make a stunning entrance to what is an immaculately presented garden.

"This garden is home to mostly tough plants, many of which I've grown from cuttings or transplanted," Ms Scott said.

"I find my biggest problem is the sandy soil.

"It's very hydrophobic so I have to keep up the wetting agents and fertilise with whatever I can - sheep manure, dynamic lifter… whatever.

"I'm often moving plants around as sometimes they just aren't happy, and I've lost a few things here and there but keep trying.

"The hot wind that comes in the summer can also be a problem, but I try to keep the mulch up to help.

"We have yet to get reticulation so all watering is done by hand."

Curved beds of daisies, geraniums, statice, salvias, succulents, lavender, plumbago, bromeliads and bougainvillea are protected by the wind and hot sun by established trees.

Don't miss the vegetables and netted orchard.

Part proceeds will fund a wheelchair for the local hospital, so check out the trade table and the light refreshments.

Woodvale Garden: Lot 105, Coolgardie Esperance Hwy, Gibson. Open October 12-13, 10am to 4.30pm. $7 joint ticket and kids under 18 free. Extras include 'Airing of the quilts' display in the woolshed.


An inspiring garden lies at the end of an avenue of beautiful flowering gardens on Wendy and Peter Turner's property.

Sweeping lawns enclose a vibrant display of salvias, roses, daisies, clivias, frangipanis, dianthus, pelargoniums, lilums, native hibiscus and wisteria.

"Our pride of place would have to be our Brachychiton rupestris, (Queensland bottle tree) we were told would not grow here," Ms Turner said.

The couple's orchard and vegie garden is fairly productive, with fruit trees scattered throughout the grounds. "Most of our established trees and plants were grown from seed or cuttings," Mr Turner said.

Baringup: Lot 21, Gibson Rd, Gibson. Open October 12-13, 10am to 4.30pm. $7 and under-18s free. Extras include a singer in the garden.

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