East coast looks to WA mutton

Gavin BignellCountryman

There has been a continued strength in the WA sheep market over the past week, with Beaufort River Meats and the WA Meat Marketing Co-operative increasing prices across the board.

The most significant increases have been seen in the mutton market as east coast buyers continue to look to WA to help cover demand from re-stockers.

The feedlot market in WA is still strong, too, with Kinston Rest increasing its bid significantly, with Merino and crossbred prices pushed 40¢ higher.

The Eastern States lamb market saw increases in values almost universally across the board. Lamb prices continue to surge, with processors such as Frew Group Abattoir and Thomas Foods International paying nearly $9/kg for crossbred lambs.

The strong values are despite an increase in the number of stock on offer over the past week.

Processors are continuing to cut back shifts as they try to combat increasing lamb prices and falling export values, and many would now be operating at or below their costs of production.

The goat market had some significant increases in value over the past week with TFI, Gateway and Tilpa Goats all increasing bids by 20¢ to 50¢/kg. Goats are now bringing $4.40 liveweight and up to $10/kg over-the-hook.

Some of the heat has come out of the east coast cattle market, with several processors leaving bids unchanged this week. Those that increased bids tend to be further south and are trying to slow the flow of cattle north, where over-the-hook prices are still at a premium.

There continues to be strong competition between re-stockers and feedlots chasing cattle.

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