Livestock area a one-stop shop


The Ram Shed at this year's Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days has a new name - the Bayer Avenge Ram Shed.

The change reflects the development of livestock displays at the field days, with what was once a Merino-only exhibition area becoming a Merino and meat breed display hotspot.

Official program and field day guide in the COUNTRYMAN newspaper, August 22, 2013

In addition to the shed, which will continue its focus on Merinos, a pavilion next door known as Milnes Marque will be home to an allocated 18 breed sites, including Dorpers, Dohnes, Texel, Suffolk, Poll Dorset and Merino stud displays.

The area will also host commercial exhibits from Milne Feeds, Coopers Animal Health and Shear Well.

Dowerin field days livestock marshal Brett Jones said having the marquee next door to the Ram Shed made the area a vibrant livestock hub.

"People will be able to get information on things such as Bayer's best animal health practices, BioClipping, electronic tags and, of course, the most up-to-date feeding regimes available through Milnes, " he said.

Mr Jones said the ongoing development of livestock exhibits at the Dowerin field days was well supported.

"We understand people attending the field days are opportunity rich and time poor, " he said.

"The Bayer Avenge Ram Shed and Milnes Marquee will offer people a one-stop shop for getting the most up-to-date information on sheep management and breeding options."

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