Chaser bins at forefront of design


Grain King once again proves to be a market leader, producing another innovatively designed seed and super bin.

This dual purpose 35 tonne bin comes with 14-inch augers for a higher unloading capacity during harvest when using it as a chaser bin.

Its multi season use makes the investment worthwhile as the 35 tonne bin is one of the most versatile machines in the paddock.

Trufab Farm Machinery has a global reputation for superior and lasting products including the Grain King product line comprising 18 tonne to 45 tonne chaser bins, 80 tonne to 125 tonne field bins, 30 tonne to 45 tonne seed and super bins, and 20 cubic meter chaff carts.

Harvest is the best time to plan ahead and begin weed control for next year's crop.

Always at the forefront of design, the newest Trufab chaff cart features an elevator delivery system which can be fitted to most combine harvesters.

A unique frame is attached to the underside of the header to enable easy attachment and detachment of the chaff cart.

The latest model cart now comes with a compact touch screen monitor.

This unique feature controls the unit, and includes two cameras that allow viewing of the bin and the conveyor belt from the comfort of the driver's seat, as well as, full control of the unit.

Now it's even easier to get your hands on the Grain King line, with Trufab introducing a hire to buy option for their top of the line chaser bins.

This option will allow more farmers to experience the difference a chaser bin can make at harvest time.

"It's great for farmer's not ready to immediately commit to a purchase, but realise they could benefit from a chaser bin in the paddock this harvest," owner of Trufab Farm Machinery Vince Trewarn said.

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