Schaffer loader tips the bucket


High scores were recently chalked up by the Schaffer 9300Z when a product test of six-wheel loaders was conducted by the leading European machinery magazine, Top Agrar.

The magazine testing rated the German-engineered Schaffer 9300Z against five other competitors.

The results highlight the Schaffer 9300Z's superior lifting height, tipping load, agility, pushing power, engine power and diesel fuel economy.

"With more than 3.8m in lifting height, the Schaffer 9300Z scored highest in this category of all loaders tested," the judges said.

The 9300Z's tipping load of 3.8 tonnes fully articulated also led the field. The 9300Z raised 740kg more than the second-best machine and lifted the load 58cm higher.

Schaffer Australia general manager Cameron Moir said the tipping load results would be even better with the Australian version of the machine.

"The height of the 9300Z's mast has been modified to 3.4m to suit Australian conditions, which gives even greater capacity, increasing tipping loads further," Mr Moir said.

The pushing power also outperformed the competition, scoring 5.8 daN, 26 per cent better than the average score.

At 80kW (110hp), the 9300Z's Deutz water-cooled common-rail intercooler turbo diesel engine was the most powerful but this did not equate to high diesel consumption.

On the contrary, the 9300Z had the lowest fuel consumption, a feature that offers customers welcome savings in running costs.

Loading 115 tonnes of gravel, the 9300Z consumed 10.3 litres of diesel per operating hour, compared to an average figure of 13 litres and single worst figure of 15 litres.

In addition, the testers praised the Schaffer 9300Z's manoeuvrability.

"With a 7.6m turning circle, the machine is very agile despite its size," the judges said.

The Schaffer had the highest articulation angle of 47 degrees, making it impressively manoeuvrable in its class.

"The rear axle oscillation and weight out past the rear axle contribute to the loader's great stability," Mr Moir said.

"It offers up to 30 per cent better stability than an oscillating articulation joint and allows you to use the whole machine as a lever to create better breakout and pushing ability."

After 34 years in business, Boya Equipment in Lancaster Road, Wangara, is one of the State's leading agricultural, horticultural and mining equipment dealers and along with Forkwest in Bunbury, is a major outlet for the German Schaffer loaders, all-terrain Fork trucks and telescopics.

Boya Equipment general manager Barry Mackintosh said the Schaffer range of compact front-end loaders had taken the place of some skid steers.

"People don't like the pitching and the bouncing that the skid steers do," he said.

"The Schaffer's are much easier to drive for the operator and the longer wheelbase means the loaders don't tear up the ground when they turn. They have great fuel economy, it's an excellent product."

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