Universal name change shows initiative


Because of the variety of products offered by Universal Feeders and the expansion of the business, the company has changed its trading name to Universal Initiatives.

This means the company is now represented by a name more relevant to its projects.

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At present, the product range can be broken down to three main areas - feeders, trailers and ratchet tie-downs.

The company's feeders are already well known in the market, but the release of three upgraded models of lick feeders has made the Universal Initiatives site a must-see at the Dowerin field days this year.

The main feeder improvements include the ability to have the large and extra-large models on wheels. In addition, a checker plate has been added to the skids to stop erosion of soil from the base of the feeder.

The new extra-large feeders - more than 4000 litres - and plastic models used for trace element feeding have made Universal Initiatives a one-stop shop for supplement feeding.

The ratchet tie-down design, patented by Bruce Clarke, has received good reviews from around the world. The ability to fix the tie-down with the patented, contained sliding D has made it a practical method of securing a wide range of loads.

Before buying ratchet tie-downs for the hay season, or for securing enviro drums and gas bottles, be sure to investigate this new patent to avoid disappointment. With two sizes available - 2500kg-rated and 1100kg-rated straps - there is something for everyone.

Universal Feeders' trailers started as a small offshoot for the company but have now become a widely sought-after product.

The range has five different types of trailers, including box-top, flat-top and tipping models.

In addition, with a hot-dipped chassis and powder-coated sides, customers can be assured of their trailer having a quality finish and amazing strength.

The new plastic sheep feeder has allowed farmers to feed livestock trace elements in a contained feeder with a roof suitable to keep most rain away from the product. Until now, a lot of good products have been destroyed by water contamination.

With three compartments available in each feeder, farmers have the flexibility of providing their animals exactly what they need in terms of nutrition.

Quality sheep panels are also stocked by Universal Initiatives. The company has emphasised the panels' strength without making them too heavy.

All panels are hot-dipped galvanised and can be made to individual requirements, depending on quantity.

And poultry has not been left off the farming agenda. Universal Initiatives has manufactured both poultry feeders and panels, both of which can be viewed at the Dowerin field days.

Visit www.universalfeeders.com.au to see the comprehensive range available from Universal Initiatives. All these products plus more can be viewed at the Dowerin field days, or ring Bruce Clarke on 0427 424 243.


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