All quality in Shirlee Downs shed

Sally HincksCountryman

Intermittent rain rattling on the Shirlee Downs shed lifted spirits of the good crowd attending the Shirlee Downs and Dongadilling sale at Quairading last week.

And coincidentally, both averages and some top prices rose with the optimism that appears to abound in most agricultural areas after good rains so far this year.

Dongadilling's average for five stud Poll Dorsets offered and sold was $2200, up $800 on last year's sale, and in the sale of the stud's specially selected flock rams, the average was $717, up $101 on last year.

All five Shirlee Downs Poll Dorset stud rams sold to a $3200 top while the average was $2480, only $20 less than last year.

But when it came to the specially selected flock rams, the average was $711, up $89 compared with 2010.

"It was an excellent result," Landmark auctioneer John Wirth said.

"The quality just keeps coming here and with a much better season it's pleasing to see the old clients back - and the new ones."

The sale's top price was $3200 for a Shirlee Downs stud ram, paid by Moora's Wade Roberts who had been buying from the stud for many years, Chris Squiers said.

The second top price - also a Shirlee Downs stud ram - was $3000 paid by Ron and Ruda Edwards, of Cadda Poll Dorset stud, Muchea.

The Edwards have been running their stud for more than 45 years and presently have 150 ewes in their stud flock.

"We're not regulars, but have bought here before," they said.

First to go under the hammer were Dongadilling stud rams with return buyer, Wade Roberts, paying the $2600 top price in this category. Cadda also paid $2500 for the first Dongadilling stud ram offered.

Shirlee Downs Samms were then offered where the top price was $1400 paid for the ram in pen 13 and bought by PF & LB White, of Kellerberrin.

The Samms average of $855 was also higher than last year - up $105.

Quairading's Springhill Farm bought four Shirlee Downs Samms to a $1300 top (twice) and Bond Bros, of Quairading, bought five rams to a $700 top (thrice).

Top price in the Dongadilling Poll Dorset flock rams was $1100 paid twice by Ferndale Grazing, of Beverley, and JG & MJ Gault, of York.

The standout volume buyer in this section was Hillgate Nominees, of York, which took home 12 rams to an $850 top (twice) and a $679 average.

Another volume buyer in this section was Quartermaine & Co, of Katanning, the successful bidder on six rams, the top price paid being $1050 and averaging $847.

Ferndale Grazing bought six Dongadilling PDs, averaging $842.

In the Shirlee Downs Poll Dorset flock rams the standout buyer was Faulkner Brother Holdings, of Beacon, with the purchase of 11 rams to a $950 top (twice) and an average of $741, while Quartermaines and Ferndale were also solid supporters.

Quartermaines paid the $1400 top price in the Shirlee Downs flock rams, while Ferndale bought seven to a $900 top price.

Dongadilling ram sale * TYPE OFFERED SOLD TOP PRICE AVERAGE Stud Poll Dorset 5 5 $2600 $2200 Flock Poll Dorset 78 76 $1100(2) $717

Shirlee Downs ram sale * TYPE OFFERED SOLD TOP PRICE AVERAGE Stud Poll Dorset 5 5 $3200 $2480 Flock Poll Dorset 102 101 $1400 $711 Samm 42 27 $1400 $855

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