Mid-size tractors 'red and ready'


Case IH has launched two new mid-size tractor models.

While the brand is well-known for large models such as Magnum and Steiger, and Axial-Flow combine harvesters, Case IH also has an extensive range of small to mid-size models.

"It's no secret that in recent years the Australian small tractor market, in particular, has seen an influx of various tractor brands," Case IH Australia brand director Bruce Healy said. "But Case IH has a long history of providing small tractors to Australia.

The new Farmall B compact tractor range features six models from 23hp (17kW) to 57hp (42kW). The range offers dependable power, fuel efficiency and comfort and is suitable for many types of applications: from hobby farming to groundskeeping, to utility work in larger operations.

The new Farmall JX range also features six models, from 60hp (49kW) to 110hp (81kW) and is described as an easy to handle, no-fuss utility workhorse. The Farmall JX provides unrivalled value for money with a best in class operator environment and superior handling, making it perfect for loader work.

Rounding out Case IH's small to mid-size tractor range is the Quantum C (86hp-97hp (63kW-71kW)), a powerful general purpose tractor which is particularly suited to council and specialty horticultural applications; the JXU (76hp-113hp (56kW-84kW)), with its proven record of performing in demanding applications; and the Maxxum (112hp-141hp (82kW-104kW), which has the power and versatility for livestock, row crop farming and roadside mowing.

"Our tractors are engineered to increase customers' productivity - whatever their application," Mr Healy said. "Whether it's a 608 horsepower Steiger, a 141 horsepower Maxxum or a 23 horsepower Farmall B, it has been designed to be rugged, powerful and driver-friendly - if we call it a tractor, we mean it's a real tractor."

Case IH has dubbed its small to mid-size tractor range "red and ready", and while the reference to the brand's trademark colour may be obvious, the word 'ready' relates to many aspects of the product range.

"The range is designed to be powerful, efficient, versatile and easy to drive, so the tractors are ready to take on a variety of tasks. Routine maintenance is simple, so they're ready to work whenever our customers need them. And our dealer network has the knowledge, experience, parts supply and service expertise - so they're ready to support our customers in the field," Mr Healy said.

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