Big-framed polls cut it for Clarke family

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Small gains in the wool market last week were welcomed, especially by Goomalling wool grower Peter Clarke.

The Clarke family's 100-bale Havelock clip all sold above evaluation, including a 20.7 micron nine-bale line which sold to a top of 898 cents/kg greasy.

"Sheep have always been part of the farming program right back to my grandfather, Lewis, who ran big-framed Haseley Merinos from the very start in 1923," Mr Clarke said.

With wife Valerie, Mr Clarke runs their 5000-hectare mixed farm helped by sons Jarrad and Brad.

"We have worked out we are about 57 per cent cropping and the balance is in sheep," he said.

The Clarkes now source Manunda Poll Merino rams after the Button family, of Manunda, acquired the Haseley Poll stud when it dispersed.

"Wayne Button has done an excellent job with the stud's progress," Mr Clarke said.

He said the big-framed polls were cutting good wool type and plenty of it.

The Clarkes also run their eight-year-old ewes with White Suffolks and maternal rams sourced from Mount Ronan stud.

"Guy Bowen, of Mount Ronan, is also a very good sheep breeder and is producing a maternal ram that is putting a lot of hybrid vigour into our lambs," Mr Clarke said.

"After running maternal rams for the past six years, the progeny of our cross breeds have been maturing a month earlier and we received $120 per head on-farm for a line that averaged 60kg in January.

"My father, Kenneth, always said to spread your eggs out and with today's sheep and wool prices we have managed to do just that."

AWEX said the current rostered offering of wool bales for this week had dropped to a season low of 35,700 bales.

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