R U OK, asks men's group


Mental health is a crucial yet often ignored aspect of regional life.

The team from Midwest Men's Health was encouraging men to "talk to a mate" at this year's Mingenew expo.

The group brought the fast-track pit stop to expo this year, as part of the Regional Men's Health Initiative.

The first day of expo fell on R U OK day, designed to raise awareness about depression.

Regional Men's Health community educator Owen Catto said everyday should be a day people addressed their feelings.

"For us, everyday is a talk to your mate day," he said.

"Our research shows that when we talk to people and listen, it solves 90 per cent of issues."

Mr Catto said the pit stop was designed to make people stop and talk.

"The pit stop is an engagement tool that encourages people to talk about their physical and mental health," he said.

He said the pit stop used a car metaphor to help men to become more aware of their health.

"We encourage men to look at three things - their blood pressure, which is the oil pressure, their waist, which is the chassis, and their coping skills, which are the shock absorbers," he said.

Participants were asked to fill out a short questionnaire to address key areas of their health.

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