Steiger's pulling power a Case in point


As Australian farmers get ready to begin seeding, many of them will use a Case IH Steiger four-wheel-drive tractor.

When brothers Doug and Maurice Steiger built their first articulated four-wheel drive tractor in a shed on their Minnesota dairy farm more than 50 years ago, they could not have imagined how successful their invention would become.

That first Steiger was built from salvaged truck components and painted in the nearest available colour - a distinctive lime green from the local quarry.

Today's Steiger has come a long way since those humble beginnings, from its red Case IH livery to the technology under the bonnet.

With every new innovation, the Steiger has remained true to its inventors' original purpose: to build a powerful, reliable workhorse that could pull just about anything in almost any conditions.

Case IH product manager - tractors Tim Fanning said the Steiger was purpose-built for agriculture applications, and was still the best tractor to pull your seeding rig.

He said the kind of pulling jobs Steigers were doing around the world proved what a reliable machine it was.

"Steiger Quadtracs are used from the Antarctic to the deserts of Algeria to pull heavy equipment," Tim said.

"They're used because they have superior pulling power and reliability, even on the coldest or hottest days.

"All Steiger models also come with Case IH AccuGuide ready as standard, making them ready for precision seeding applications right from the factory," Tim said.

"In fact, there are enough variations in the Steiger range to suit just about any application."

There are three frame sizes and power options from 335 to 540hp. The largest models peak at 575hp and, with the optional power boost, can achieve a maximum 610hp.

"With all that power you could be forgiven for thinking that the Steiger is a very thirsty tractor, but the opposite is true," Tim said.

"The Steiger has a number of fuel-efficiency features built-in that are unique in the industry."

Chief among these features is the award-winning Automatic Productivity Management (APM) system, standard on all Steiger and Magnum tractors.

The system automatically adjusts engine speed and transmission gear for maximum fuel-efficiency for the load.

Tests have shown it can improve fuel-efficiency by up to 25 per cent.

APM reduces the engine speed whenever the implement load allows, automatically reducing fuel consumption and leaving the operator free to concentrate on the task rather than on shifting gears and adjusting the throttle.

In 1996 Case IH introduced the first Steiger Quadtrac.

The unique - and still unmatched - Quadtrac features four separate tracks, one on each corner.

These tracks work independently to provide the ultimate in ground contact and flotation.

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