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When it was first released in 2006, the AFS Pro 600 touch screen was a huge leap forward in precision agriculture technology.

Since then, the AFS Pro 600 screen has been included as standard on the Axial-Flow combine range and as a factory fit option on the Puma, Magnum and Steiger ranges of tractors.

In 2012, all Case IH tractors, sprayers and combines will feature the brand new AFS Pro 700 display.

"The new AFS Pro 700 display does everything the previous display could do, plus a whole lot more," Case IH AFS brand manager Ross Johansson said.

"This is a really exciting upgrade and customers will see a huge increase in functionality."

Like its predecessor, the new AFS Pro 700 display is a 10.4-inch colour touch screen that can be used to monitor and control Case IH upgrade vehicles, guidance systems and implements.

Because it is ISO 11783 compliant, it can also monitor and control other ISO 11783-compliant implements and machines.

The AFS Pro 700 can be used across various machines, automatically recognising the machine it's in and adjusting the settings to match those last used in that machine.

The touch screen display shows vehicle information and lets you operate the implement and record data to create tools such as yield maps. You can then use those yield maps in the AFS Pro 700 to manage your prescription seeding or fertilising program.

"The new display is physically smaller than the AFS Pro 600 was, but the actual screen size is still the same, making for a lighter, sleeker and more compact design," Mr Johansson said.

"New features include a USB port so you can easily store, import and remove data and settings. We've also added a video connection point and the run screen offers five different camera layouts.

"This functionality can give you eyes in the back of your head, increasing and enhancing your visibility around the machine."

Although the new AFS Pro 700 display is physically smaller and lighter than the previous model, it packs a much bigger punch.

"The new screen weighs less than half as much as the AFS Pro 600 but contains four times as much computing power," Mr Johansson said.

"The biggest difference is that the AFS Pro 700 is actually a computer rather than just a smart display.

"It runs a Linux-based operating system so the software on the display can be upgraded or changed altogether.

"This means the AFS Pro 700 will be ready to incorporate technological advances as they occur in the future without you having to purchase a whole new unit."

The next-generation AFS Pro 700 will have a similar layout and user interface to the AFS Pro 600, making it very familiar and easy to use for existing customers.

"The AFS Pro 700 computer is the next step in giving you ultimate control over vehicles and implements in one touch screen," Mr Johansson said.

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