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A total yarding of 2185 head of cattle, including 987 calves in the appraisal sale, were yarded at Muchea on Monday.

It was a very mixed quality yarding with most cattle in store condition.

Very dry seasonal conditions in the local area and to regions in the north has influenced the higher turn-off of light cattle.

Most regular buyers were present at the sale, however competition was reserved for better quality drafts.

The vealer portion of the yarding was also very mixed in quality with few heavy weight vealers included.

Vealer steers sold for between 139 and 205c/kg to average 187.4c/kg; while vealer heifers sold for between 110 and 199c/kg to average 158c/kg.

Yearling steer prices ranged from 110 to 186c/kg to average 153.3c/kg, down 21c from last week; while average yearling heifer prices were down 44c/kg to 92.8c/kg, ranging from a low of 69c/kg to a high of 158c/kg.

Both grown steer and heifer prices were also down on last week’s sale with grown steers selling for between 39.2c/kg and 143c/kg to average 108.3c/kg; while grown heifer prices ranged from 60c/kg to 155c/kg to average 119.1c/kg.

Heavy weight cows were in high demand due to a large yarding of store condition cows. Cow prices ranged from a low of 36c/kg to a high of 121c/kg to average 90.8c/kg.

Heavy weight bulls received good competition from processors and light weight bulls sold predominantly to live export feeders. Across the weight range bulls sold for 80 to 170c/kg to average 114.6c/kg.

On Tuesday, both sheep and lamb numbers improved with a total of 10,019 head yarded.

There were a few regular trade buyers absent from the market, however eastern states presence remained strong with good competition recorded from processors for the better quality drafts.

Crossbred lamb supplies were mixed in quality with a large portion in store condition and very few finished heavy weight drafts.

But there was a big supply of larger-framed store crossbred lambs which were in demand from the eastern states and local feedlots. The average lamb price increased $1.41/head on last week to $80.35/head with prices ranging from a low of $38 to a high of $107.50/head.

Ewe mutton saw a slight increase in supply with good demand for these assisting prices for heavy and trade mutton to remain equal.

Light weight boner ewes received very good competition to achieve dearer prices. Overall, ewe prices averaged $70.35/head, down $1.69/head on last week with prices ranging from $39.50 to $99.50/head.

There was a reasonable supply of store wethers and rams and these sold solidly. Overall, wether prices ranged from a low of $61 to a high of $99.50/head to average $81.02/head. Ram prices ranged from $40 to $95/head to average $70.22/head.

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