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As a fertiliser supplier, Superfert Dongbu is focused on advancing Australian agriculture through developing a new and improved range of innovative fertiliser products designed to improve the efficiency of fertiliser applications against the older type products of MAP, DAP and Urea blends.

Official program and field day guide and COUNTRYMAN newspaper August 22

While Superfert Dongbu continues to supply the traditional fertilisers, it sees a huge opportunity to advance these and for Australian farmers to get on board to enjoy more efficient and better value for money fertilisers that are now available.

Superfert Dongbu's ongoing product development program is a key business focus, providing customers with new products which will benefit farmers through improved productivity and profitability.

Superfert Dongbu's new generation of exclusive compound fertilisers (Thumper NPKS 13-19-0-7, Phenomena NPKS 11-12-11-10 and Victory NPKS 17-9-0-14) is based on innovative granule chemistry to improve nutrient uptake efficiency -phosphorus, in particular - and overall ease of use, along with being very cost effective.

Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, Thumper provides crops with a highly efficient, cost effective and balanced source of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur, all in the one granule.

A compound fertiliser formulated to help optimise crop production by increasing the availability of nutrients to the plant, is far greater value for money than MAP or DAP.

Phenomena has balanced levels of NPKS, combined with zinc and copper, which are all contained in each granule. This provides efficient nutrient distribution and a cost-effective way of supplying trace elements.

Superfert Dongbu's complete product range is available through a growing network of agents across Southern Australia.

Superfert has three major distribution sites in Kwinana (WA), Adelaide (South Australia) and Portland (Victoria) and continues to make big inroads into the Australian fertiliser market in delivering better value for money and efficient production outcomes for farmers.

If you want to know more about the products there will be a complete range of product samples available at the field days, along with a specialised team ready to answer all your queries.

After your visit to the field days go to and find out how Superfert Dongbu can contribute to your success.

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