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Visit New Holland at Dowerin field days to see for yourself the technologies that save you money and increase efficiency.

The T8 front wheel assist and the T9 4WD both feature GSM as standard. GSM stands for Ground Speed Management.

This gives CVT-like functionality to the Powershift transmission, whilst keeping all the good features of Powershift such as full manual control when you want it, along with mechanical simplicity, reliability and serviceability.

GSM uses a combination of data relating to engine load, forward speed and operator setting, to manage both engine and transmission speeds to optimise performance and economy.

GSM is activated by simply pushing one button on the sidewinder 2 armrest.

The T8 also boasts a number of other benefits for the operator, including the most comfortable ride, due to the longest wheelbase (up to 400mm longer than other tractors) and the combination of front axle, cab, and seat suspension.

The new front suspension has the added benefit of keeping the front wheels flat on the ground for maximum traction when turning, and not leaning over onto the edge of the tyre causing wheel slip and rutting, as on lesser designs.

All New Holland tractors of 100hp and above come standard with Engine Power Management, to give boosted power when you need it, and maximum economy when you don't.

The Headland Management System is programmable to control hydraulics, hitch, transmission, 4WD engagement, engine speed, linkage and guidance, in order through the touch of just one button.

The current range of SCR engines provide improved fuel economy largely due to being uncompromised in operation.

They breath fresh clean cool air, and are tuned to produce efficient power without the issue of being forced to swallow a portion of their own exhaust gas, or force the exhaust through complex filters and piping, both of which lead to cooling, performance and efficiency issues.

By running such a simple and uncompromised system service intervals are out to 500 hours, against 300 on some other systems.

Independent testing of the T8.390 shows fuel saving of 8 per cent when tested against comparable current models (OECD approval number 2/2 - 689).

Further independent press reviews have reported fuel savings exceeding 10 per cent.

The New Holland CR series combines also benefit from the use of SCR engines, and are also the only combine to offer the advantages of twin rotor design.

Rather than loading up one side of the threshing area from having just one rotor, the twin rotor design spreads the load evenly on both sides for better processing and reduced grain loss.

Visit the New Holland site to see the design for yourself, and the self-levelling cleaning area that even leans into corners when turning and, and maintains level when working in hilly terrain.

When matched to the Exclusive New Holland front with central knife drive, no other machine can match the CR for efficiency, low grain loss, low grain damage, and a clean sample.

The New TD5 range builds on the excellent reputation of the previous TD series, with the addition of wet clutch and power shuttle, and a number other updates in the cabin, engine and transmission.

A big benefit of the TD5 for farmers is the inclusion of mid remotes and in cab joystick, making fitting of loader even easier.

Released earlier this year, the new range of Boomer compacts also come standard with mid remotes and joystick.

Available from 20 to 50 HP with hydrostatic and traditional transmission.

Also on display is the new big square baler, which will be going onto a demo program following Dowerin, so come and see us for dates of a demo near you.

The full range of tractors from the Boomer up to the T9, and everything in-between will be on display. The New Holland team looks forward to seeing you there.

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