SAMMs soar to $6100 top for Shirlee Downs stud

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Two stud rams, a $6100 Prime SAMM and a $5000 Poll Dorset sold for the top-prices at the C J Squiers & Sons’ 24th annual sale at Quairading.

The Shirlee Downs Prime SAMM sold to first-time buyers, Terry and Lyn Cronin, of Bunkin Prime SAMM stud, Dumbleyung.

Mr Cronin said the ram was a very highly muscled ram, very well structured and carried a high fat score and also had very soft true-to-type SAMM wool.

“Our stud is based on Rockdale genetics and I was keen to introduce outside genetics,” he said.

The 21.1 micron ram measured 0.13 BWT, 3.1 WWT, 4.4 PWWT, and a Carcase + of 122.65.

The exceptional ram was sashed with the supreme exhibit ribbon at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show held in Bendigo in July.

Shirlee Downs co-principal Chris Squiers said it was the first showing at Bendigo for the stud.

“The ram, which was a twin, was home-bred by sire Shirlee Downs 514,” he said.

The under bidder, Graham Muir, of Glenelg stud, Amelup, said the ram was near perfect.

Mr Muir paid $3200 for another SAMM ram which he said had very sound structure.

Overall the SAMMs sold very well with 71 sold spread out over 18 buyers to an average price of $1108.

Volume buyer was account J & S Venemore, who secured 10 rams through Elders for an average price of $1065.

The sale kicked off with 10 Poll Dorset stud rams, with Shirlee Downs tag 360 selling for $5000 to repeat buyers Gail and Ted Hosking, of Woodgrove Poll Dorset stud, Northampton.

The Hoskings liked the rams figures and said they would use the ram in their stud.

The Gloroy 588 sired ram measured 0.59 BWWT, 10.8 WWT, 16.5 PWWT, -0.7 PFAT, 2.2 PEMD and a Carcase + of 211.3, the highest in the catalogue.

A $2200 second top-priced Dongadilling Poll Dorset stud ram sold to account M Carne & Co, of Williams, while account Sunshine Pastoral, of York, was successful on a $2015 Shirlee Downs ram.

Overall, 8 of the 10 stud Poll Dorset rams were sold to an average price of $1108, with one passed in ram selling after the sale for $1200.

In the specially selected Poll Dorset ram catalogue, Kevin Couper, of Hyden, secured the first four lots for an average price of $1800 and also bought two more rams for $1550 and $1350.

“I was buying on behalf of my son Clint, and was selecting for body length and growth rate,” he said.

Ron Watterson bought 5 Poll Dorset rams to a top of $2000 and average price of $1440, and also secured 3 Prime SAMM rams for an average price of $1403.

Andrew James, who trades as BW James & Sons, of Hyden, bought 5 Poll Dorset rams to a top of $1950 and average price of $1600.

“After buying in Merino ewes, we put the Prime SAMM ram over the flock to produce a F1 ewe in which we put Poll Dorset rams over, producing 3500 lambs per year,” he said.

Overall, 171 specially selected rams sold for an average price of $975.

Landmark auctioneer Jarrad Hubbard said the sale line-up was a superb offering and the vendors were to be commended on the high quality of stock put forth.

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