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There’s nothing better than trying out the latest gear when harvesting and for the Gnowangerup Community Cropping Group it was a John Deere 9870 STS.

Local dealership Ratten and Slater demonstrated the model which had been showcased across the south, from Esperance to Kendenup, and to Gnowangerup to complete the community crop.

Its specs included a 640D 40-inch draper platform, 440 horsepower with duals, Harvest Smart and Pro Drive with self-levelling sieves.

Gnowangerup branch manager Travis Hawkins said several businesses in town contributed to the cropping, spraying and harvesting.

“We helped at seeding with a demo seeder and a demo harvester, ” he said.

Committee member Wayne Pech said the profits from the 200-hectare canola and wheat crop would support the Gnowangerup Sporting Complex and the Gnowangerup Progress Association.

“Without the community cropping fundraiser, we wouldn’t be able to match government funding or upgrade our facilities so that we can retain and attract new people into our community, ” he said.

The canola yield was ordinary, but wheat went APW 1.75 tonne per hectare.

The land cropped is a mixture of leased property and donations and with most of the inputs also donated, it makes for a healthy profit.

Over 15 years, the group has raised more than $750,000.

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