Beyond the Saleyards — WA lamb prices are on the level

ROB KELLYCountryman

Sheep and lamb prices were relatively flat last week with WA holding around the 800¢ level for new-season lambs, and mutton at 640¢.

The story on the east coast was the same, with buyers holding around 800¢. In South Australia, Thomas Foods continues to bid 770¢ for XB and Dorper lambs, and 750¢ for Merinos.

Mutton is bid strongly at 700¢ levels across the east coast.

The wool market had another strong week with the Eastern Market Indicator closing 50¢ higher at 1393¢.

Goat markets showed there is still strong buyer demand, with Queensland processor prices being bid well above 1000¢.

Victoria and NSW hook prices remain just below this with Thomas Foods continuing to bid 960¢ in NSW and SA.

Cattle processors pushed higher again last week.

Processors in both Queensland and NSW increased their grids by as much as 30¢ in some grades.

In addition to this, feedlots are also starting to adjust their numbers higher with Bindaree Beef increasing its feeder steer prices by 20¢ to 435¢.

Processor and feedlot market bids at the start of the week (¢/kg or $/head):

East coast processor prices: 100 day grain-fed (HGP free): steers 720¢, heifers 715¢.

Grass-fed: steers 695¢, heifers 690¢, cows 610¢, bulls 530¢.

Queensland feedlots: Black Angus, 515¢, Black Angus cross British, 505c, Wagyu cross Angus, POA.

Queensland export orders: Feeder steers 380¢, slaughter steers 380¢. Feeder bulls 360¢, heifers 340¢, cows 290¢.

NSW feedlots (steers): British, Euro cross, Flat Back: 465¢, XB 445¢.

China export orders: Heifers (unjoined): Friesians $2100 Holstein (200+kgs, no blood tests) $1000 -$1200. Red Angus $1300. Jersey unjoined heifers (200kg) $1300.

Full price grids and details for all these orders are available in the LIVEstock Pricing app and online.

Rob Kelly is the Founder and Managing Director of LIVEstock Pricing, a free service with the latest sheep, cattle and goat price grids in one easy-to-use app.

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