Beyond the Saleyards — WA buyers hold firm on bids

Rob KellyCountryman

Sheep and lamb markets were relatively flat in WA over the last week, with most buyers holding firm on their bids.

The exception being a 20¢ increase in old season lambs with Beaufort River Meats.

East coast markets felt the pressure of Fletcher’s Dubbo plant closure, however that is back running this week and has seen demand increase again.

The main concern now is what impact lockdowns will have on plant operations on the east coast.

Any limitations to operating times heading into the spring flush will have a negative impact on prices.

The wool market finished last week significantly lower, down 37¢ for the week with the EMI closing at 1335¢.

Weaker demand from Chinese processors was the main driver according to Australian Wool Innovation.

The goat market got a boost last week with BRM increasing their bid to 960¢ for 18+kg cwt.

This puts WA in line with current east coast bids.

Cattle over the hook markets have been relatively flat in direct markets.

The issue remains the shortage of supply versus demand.

Similarly, liveweight and live export markets have been quiet with few buyers updating their prices.

Processor and feedlot market bids at the start of the week (¢/kg or $/head):

East coast processor prices: 100-day grain fed (HGP free): steers 740¢, heifers 735¢. Grass fed: steers 700¢, heifers 695¢. Cows 630¢. Bulls 560¢.

Queensland feedlots: Black Angus: 600¢, Black Angus British cross: 590¢, Wagyu cross Angus: POA

Queensland export orders: Feeder steers 380¢, slaughter steers 360¢. Feeder bulls 360¢, heifers 375¢, cows 290¢

Full price grids and details for all these orders are available in the LIVEstock Pricing app and online.

Rob Kelly is the Founder and Managing Director of LIVEstock Pricing, a free service with the latest sheep, cattle and goat price grids in one easy-to-use app.

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