Markets thin out at season’s end

Rob KellyCountryman

Markets have thinned out across the country during the past week with processors on reduced shifts or shutting down for maintenance.

Lamb feedlots are also very limited as they wait for new season lambs to hit the market.

In WA, the impact has been a reduced number of buyers.

For prices, V&V Walsh remain at $8.20/kg for crossbred lambs but the average price is lower due to the reduced demand.

On the east coast, spot markets are declining, and forward markets are hard to find.

As is the case in a lot of years, processors are taking unpriced bookings for new-season lambs but given the high price and risk in the market, they aren’t bidding on large volumes.

Goat markets remained thin last week but didn’t show any significant decline in values.

M&K Walsh (NSW) are bidding $4/kg for 6kg-22kg live goats. Heavier and the price drops to $3.70/kg.

Hook prices remain about $10/kg (skin on). Those prices only apply if you can find a buyer, because demand is very thin.

Cattle markets were unchanged last week after initially looking like they might strengthen.

While prices were unchanged, several buyers did refresh their grids to show they were still in the market at their current levels.

As it stands:

Processor prices (east coast): 100-day grain fed (HGP free): steers $7 (nc), heifers $6.95 (nc). Grass fed: steers $6.30 (nc), heifers $6.20 (nc). Cows $5.65 (nc). Bulls $5.60 (nc).

Queensland live exports: Queensland feeder steers $3.20, heifers $2.98.

Victoria/NSW live exports: Unjoined heifers. Xbreds (+260 kg) $650 - $750 per head + gst. Holstein (+200+ kgs, no blood tests) $1000 -$1,200 per head + gst.

Queensland feedlots: Black Angus: $4.20 (nc), Black Angus British X: $4.05 (nc), British/Euro/Flatback X: $3.70 (nc).

NSW feedlots (steers): Black Angus: $4.20 (nc). British, Euro X, Flat Back: $3.85 (nc).

NT liveweight prices unchanged. Cows $1.80. Bulls $1.50. Buffalo $1.10.

Rob Kelly is the founder and managing director LIVEstock Pricing, a free service with the latest sheep, cattle and goat price grids in one easy-to-use app.

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