She’s Apples down on emoji farm

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Cally DupeCountryman

It’s official — there is now a farmer emoji for your Apple smartphone.

In a digital win for farmers around the world, a smiling farmer emoji, complete with a hat and a bunch of carrots, was released for iPhones on December 12

The farmer was one of 104 new emojis rolled out as part of Apple’s recent iOS 10.2 update.

Emojis are icons used in text messages and online which include facial expressions, common objects, food, types of weather and animals.

The carrot farmer is available in both male and female versions with five different skin tone and hair colour combination located in the “smileys and people” section.

The update includes other professions for emoji people, including a teacher, scientist, judge, mechanic and even an astronaut.

Hundreds of new emojis were proposed to the Unicode Consortium, the 24-year-old organisation which approves emojis, which approved suitable emojis in June.

Emoji is considered to be the world’s fastest growing language.

Originally released in 1999 for Japanese mobile phones, there are now more than 1800 emojis used by 90 per cent of the world’s online population.

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