Prime lines sell well at first sale

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Katanning, January 3

Numbers were down for a total yarding of 17,989 head at Katanning Regional Saleyard’s first sale of the year.

Returning from the Christmas break on January 3, all prime lines sold to higher values with increased demand.

A pen of heavy weight lambs topped the market at $165/head.

Light weight lambs were up $8 selling for $88 to $115/head. Lambs suitable for airfreight made from $90 to $118, trade weight lambs sold for $125 to $153 and heavy weight lambs sold to $165/head.

Store lambs selling to feeders increased by $5 to $19/head with some pens topping at 700c/kg cwt.

Young black tag ewes fluctuated on quality this week with butchers paying from $65 to $118, while re stockers paid $50 for plain stores and up to $139/head for the better breeder ewes.

Light and trade mutton sold for $75 to $88, while heavy mutton gained to make from $85 to $128/head with a fleece.

Light store ewes sold from $30 to $98 with a fleece, while the heavier stores made from $90 to $125/head with a 3 inch fleece.

Wethers sold for $95 to $122 for the heavier types and from $40 to $96/head for store and light weights.

Slaughter rams made from $10 to $90/head for the younger heavier rams.

Young rams to processors made up to $146, while young store ram lambs sold to re-stockers and feeder buyers for $80 to $119/head.

Mt Barker, January 4

Numbers were up for our first weaner sale of the year with a total yarding of 1,996 good quality calves at Mt Barker.

Strong demand from exporters and feeder buyers saw prices up on all categories, except extra heavy weaner heifers which eased 8c/kg.

A pen of light weight Angus steers topped the market at 358c/kg.

The extra heavy over 380kg steer calves gained 8c this week selling from 236c to 310c/kg. Extra heavy heifers made from 240c to 272c /kg.

Exporters and feeder buyers paid 290c to 340c for 330-380kg steers, up 20c, while heifers were up 19c and sold from 250c to 318c/kg.

The lighter under 330kg category sold from 305c to 354c, up 10c, while heifers made 255c to 306c/kg.

Light weights under 280kg made from 316c to 358c for steers and 250c to 320c/kg for heifers.

Bull calves gained with export demand selling from 294c to 340c /kg.

Muchea, January 8


The yarding of 21,170 head, a rise of 4000 head compared with the previous sale in December.

The quality improved dramatically on lambs, encouraging stronger competition for prime stock and lifting prices on all lambs by $5/head in what has already been a strong market due to Christmas demand.

Light store Merino wethers gained $5/head on stronger live export demand. Mutton improved $5 to $10/head on a lighter penning.

Light crossbred lambs to feeders sold from $50 to $105, up $5 to $10 and heavyweights sold firm from $98 to $128/head.

Airfreight lambs made $89 to $116, up $5/head. Trade lambs made from $118 to $159 and were $5/head dearer. Heavy lambs made from $140 to $166 and were also up $5/head.

The very light store Merino ewe lambs to feeders sold from $40 to $71 and mediums made $75 to $110/head. Heavyweights sold from $122 to $133/head for all to remain firm. Very light store Merino wether lambs to feeders made from $27 to $81/head.

Medium weights made from $80 to $123, up $5 with heavier weights selling firm from $122 to $133/head. Ram lambs to the trade made $103 to $153, up $20/head on a better selection and increased trade and live export demand. Hoggets were up $5 to make $86 to $128/head.

In the yarding of mutton, light ewes to feeders sold firm from $50 to $58/head. Medium-weight score 2 ewes to processors and restockers were up $5 to make $90 to $110 with heavyweights from $105 to a top of $150 with a full fleece, up $10/head.

The best wethers made $105 to $157, again tops with a full fleece and $10/head dearer. Rams sold from $40 to $110 to processors, up $10/head.

Sheep highlights

BJ & BJ Storer, Cunderdin: 24 Merino lambs (top $153.50).

AD & LN Chitty, Toodyay: 15 crossbred lambs (top $150).

VP Sheep Husbandry, Piawanning: 25 crossbred lambs (top $150).

DG Thorne & JM Walker, Goomalling: 35 Suffolk-cross lambs (top $147).

NR Walton, Northam: 14 crossbred lambs (top $146).

TW LEE, Toodyay: 38 Blue-faced Leicester ewe mutton (top $126).


A total of 1540 head were yarded at Muchea, down 500 head on the last sale before the Christmas break. Prices for young cattle sought by live export were 10c to 20c/kg dearer. Heavy cattle were generally firm. The exceptions were local grown heifers, down 20c and local yearling steers and heifers, also down 10c to 20c/kg due to weaker trade demand. Vealer steers sold from 250c to 332c to average 322c, up 10c/kg. Vealer heifers sold from 220c to 340c, up 15c/kg.

Rises in both vealer steers and heifers were due to stronger live export demand. Local yearling steers made 170c to 258c/kg.

Pastoral yearling steers made 160c to 220c, both down 20c/kg on reduced trade demand. Local yearling heifers over 330kg sold from 170c to 258c, down 10c/kg due to weaker trade demand and quality. Pastoral yearling heifers under 330kg sold mainly to feeders and live exporters from 80c to 230c, up 20c/kg. Heavier weights over 330kg made 140c to 230c/kg to hold firm.

Local grown steers made 180c to 268c/kg to hold firm. Pastoral grown steers made 160c to 200c/kg and were also firm.

Local grown heifers made 200c to 246c, down 20c/kg. Light- weight cows to feeders sold from 120c to 160c to hold firm.

Medium-weight score 2 cows held firm from 150c to 182c and prime cows were also firm at 180c to 200c/kg.

Cattle highlights

Gingin Pastoral, Gingin: Five Wagyu steers (829kg, 230c/kg, $1907).

Chicoty, Chittering: Six Angus steers (501kg, 260c/kg, $1303).

Raywell Farms, Waroona: Nine Droughtmaster-cross steers (438kg, 260c/kg, $1139).

Bonney Downs Station, Warradarge: 13 Droughtmaster-cross steers (421kg, 258c/kg, $1086).

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