Beyond the Saleyards: Christmas bids lift sheep prices

Rob KellyCountryman

WA sheep and lamb markets found some support last week, with buyers increasing their bids heading into Christmas.

Beaufort River Meats and V&V Walsh are both bidding 800¢ for lambs and 600¢ for mutton.

Prices on the east coast also found some renewed support.

Gundagai lamb increased its grid by 30¢, back up to 830¢ in the spot market for its Intramuscular Fat grid, which typically sees farmers receive an additional bonus based on how their stock performs.

The wool market made some further small gains, closing 5¢ higher at 1346¢.

Goat prices continued to be the leader of the small stock markets.

Over-the-hook prices increased again, with bids well above 1050¢ across the Eastern States.

In WA, Beaufort River Meats continue to bid strongly at 980¢.

Cattle direct-to-end-used bids have again jumped back to life.

Oakey Beef in Queensland released new grids with prices much higher.

MSA steers and heifers are bid from 800¢, while grass-fed steer (0-2T) are also bid 800¢. Cows and bulls are bid at 775¢ and 600¢.

They also released new organic grids with steers and heifers at 830¢.

Processor and feedlot market bids at the start of the week (¢/kg or $/head):

  • East coast processor prices: MSA: steers 800¢, heifers 795¢. Cows 775¢. Jap Ox: steers 800¢, Bulls 600¢.
  • Queensland feedlots: Black Angus: 610¢, Black Angus British X: 590¢, Wagyu X Angus: POA.
  • Queensland export orders: Feeder steers 380¢, slaughter steers 360¢. Feeder bulls 360¢, heifers 375¢, cows 290¢.
  • NSW feedlots (steers): British, Euro X, Flat Back: 465¢, XB 445¢, Black Angus; 620¢.

Full price grids and details for all these orders are available in the LIVEstock Pricing app and online.

Rob Kelly is the founder and managing director of LIVEstock Pricing, a free service with the latest sheep, cattle and goat price grids in one easy-to-use app.

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