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Elders Mt Barker cattle auction team Peter Hassell, Tom Marron, Ray Norman and Jai Newman.
Camera IconElders Mt Barker cattle auction team Peter Hassell, Tom Marron, Ray Norman and Jai Newman. Credit: Laurie Benson

Thursday, September 10

Yarding: 488

Change: +20

Mt Barker Regional Saleyards yarded 488 head of good quality cattle on Wednesday, September 10.

Prices fluctuated with quality and demand.

Light weight weaner steers sold to a top of 448¢ while the light weight weaner heifers topped at 394¢/kg.

Heavy cows eased 3¢ selling to 268¢, while a heavy bull sold to a high of 274¢/kg.

Weaner steers weighing over 330kg sold for 370¢, while steers weighing between 280 and 330kg sold from 392¢ to 414¢ and lighter weights made from 350¢ to 448¢/kg.

Weaner heifers sold from 350¢ to 394¢, with most sales at 360¢/kg.

Yearling steers weighing over 400kg sold from 330¢ to 382¢, and lighter weights made from 372¢ to 398¢, to average 392¢/kg.

Yearling heifers gained returning from 322¢ to 368¢, to average 353¢/kg.

A small selection of grown steers weighing between 500 and 600kg made from 278¢ to 310¢ to average 294¢, while lighter weights sold for 348¢/kg.

Grown heifers weighing over 540kg made from 250¢ to 298¢, while the lighter weights sold for 260¢ to 300¢/kg.

Heavy prime cows eased 3¢ on demand returning 240¢ to 268¢, while the medium weight cows sold from 228¢ to 268¢ to gain 4¢/kg.

Boner cows sold from 188¢ to 230¢ and stores from 166¢ to 234¢/kg depending on quality.

Heavy bulls sold for 248¢ to 274¢/kg.

Medium weight bulls made 230¢ to 250¢, while light weight bulls made from 200¢ to 326¢/kg.

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