Darren “Dazza” Harris and Zach Sinclair: their field of dreams

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Darren “Dazza” Harris and Zach Sinclair.
Camera IconDarren “Dazza” Harris and Zach Sinclair. Credit: Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days

Darren ‘Dazza’ Harris and Zach Sinclair

It’s not only volunteers with a few years’ experience under their belt involved in field days, there are a number of young people who are committed to seeing the event continue.

There are two young men with a silent passion for the event, who find themselves inspired by the values they have witnessed during their years involved.

They both are a silent force and are invaluable to the organisation.

Darren ‘Dazza’ Harris and Zach Sinclair use their annual leave to volunteer at the Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days every year.

Mr Sinclair says it’s the pop tops and the breakfast with the other volunteers that attract him back.

He has been involved with the event since his youth.

“If you’re not involved, I don’t think you could really understand how it feels to be a part of it,” Mr Sinclair said. “It’s not something I ever questioned, having been involved in since I grew up in Dowerin.”

Mr Harris believes it was the generation above him that inspired him to remain involved after finishing school. With so many community leaders involved in the one event, it was easy for the next generation to gain inspiration and mentors on the importance of community involvement. It was that, and the “solid banter”, that inspired Mr Harris to keep volunteering.

Both young men started their field careers as high school students.

Each year, Dowerin District High School students help to fundraise for their school camps or the parents and children’s committee.

They play a key role in the success of the event, from the dreaded pre-clean of catering venues, to filling in the rosters across the site so the days run smoothly.

It’s the perfect induction for every high school student, with many continuing their involvement after high school or returning to Dowerin for the event to be involved.

The young men use golf buggies to deliver food and corporate catering orders across site.

Mr Sinclair, not so fondly, remembers his first field days job of emptying bins behind grand central.

Mr Harris’ first field days job was as the “official cardboard box man” — squishing the boxes for recycling.

No matter the role, they both say they will keep coming back.

Countryman has partnered with the Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days to celebrate the stories of the people who bring this event to life.

From humble beginnings, the Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days has grown into one of WA’s biggest regional events, in part fostered by the support of the many volunteers, visitors and exhibitors who bring it to life.

As part of a new series, Countryman is proud to bring its readers a snapshot of these stories, as compiled by assistant event co-ordinator Tiffany Davey.

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