OPINION: Buyers cast eyes to lambing rates

Rob KellyCountryman

The market in WA has remained firm over the past week, with prices unchanged and several buyers still quoting POA figures.

The market remains hand-to-mouth for stock and buyers are closely watching the lambing rates to see what percentages are looking like.

V&V remains the top public bid for crossbred lambs at $8 and BRM at $4.80 for mutton.

East coast prices have continued to climb for sheep and goats. Crossbred lambs remain openly bid at $8.60 in Victoria and New South Wales but buyers are paying above this number for prompt delivery with very tight supplies. Forward contract prices range from $8 up to $10 for spring lambs. Mutton prices are $6.20 in Victoria with Cedar Meats and with TFI in NSW.

Goat prices range from $8.50 up to $10.50 in NSW and Victoria. Cedar Meats is also bidding $4.10 liveweight in NSW for rangeland goats.

Cattle prices have continued to strengthen over the past week. Victorian prices are firmer with Victoria Valley raising its processor prices by 5¢ after several weeks of unchanged numbers.

Queensland prices are sitting at around $6 to processors and $3.30 to feedlots (Black Angus). There is also a new round of export orders entering the market for Brahman steers at $2.65 and heifers at $2.25 for mid-July delivery.

Further south, NSW processors prices remain around $6.05 and feeder steers around $3.50.

Finally, national saleyard throughput looks to be relatively stable compared with the previous week.

Monday and Tuesday’s throughput was down about 900 head to 22,900 (from 20 saleyards of a total 45 for the week).

For sheep, about 125,000 have headed through saleyards for the first few days of the week, with about a third of the weekly sale completed. This was about 8000 lower than the same saleyards last week and that is almost entirely due to few lamb throughput.

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